Mythology – Undistinguished Scar

A recommendation from a friend, I am glad I was able to listen to Mythology’s Undistinguished Scar. It’s a very short EP, barely making it to 20 minutes but in those 2o minutes I was exposed to something fascinating.

The band hails from Liverpool but upon listening to the band it sounds as though they come from deep in the bayous of Louisiana. The jazz influence is evident throughout, especially in the instrumentals that open and close the album out. I have never heard such clear jazz influences in something what was not jazz itself. It added layers to the music that would never have been shown. There’s also some Candlemass influences there that I can never turn down.

The songs themselves deal with a scar that can’t be seen (thus undistinguished): mental illness. It’s a topic that is covered a lot in metal, most reveling in insanity and madness, but Mythology had a different approach, it was refreshing to see a black metal band take a step outside their normal box and say something meaningful about mental illnesses and the detrimental effects they have on those that suffer them.

Sufficive to say, I really enjoyed this album and I can’t wait for something more to come from these blokes.




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