Mort aux Gueux – Vaurien EP

I am not a thrash fan. I may have been introduced to metal through bands like Slayer, Metallica, and Death Angel, but now over a decade later I can’t seem to get into the vibe and mentality that goes into listening to thrash. I’ve outgrown it, if you will. Knowing that, I listened to Mort aux Gueux’s (Death to the Beggars in French) Vaurien and I enjoyed myself. Mort aux Gueux isn’t just thrash though, it has enough black metal influences and veins running through it that I would call it Blackened Thrash. No such genre? Well this is metal and we make sub sub genres whenever we fucking feel like it! It’s grimy but not in a cheap beer guzzling, belching asshole kind of way, it’s natural, mean and filthy. The man behind the band calls it “rural” and I think that description is accurate. It’s vague, undefinable yet the listener understands exactly what it is supposed to mean.

The black metal aspect of Mort aux Gueux is grim and raw, reminding me of the early days of lo fi, piss poor production, make the music and get it out there black metal that has everyone so nostalgic. Mort aux Gueux hails from Quebec, a region that has (at least from my outsider’s perspective) a similar look and feel to Norway, the birthplace of raw black metal. This is where things could get sticky, relying so heavily on what you want to sound like that you sound like a shitty cover band. Mort aux Gueux sidesteps that to sound like it’s a band that created the sound right alongside the big dogs. The band certain has no qualms about it for sure.

I found out about this band from Horrenda after listening to a split they did together (I love the concept and executions of splits so much but that’s an article unto itself) and the more research I did, the more fascinated I became and the bigger my expectations were. Once I listened to the split (a review unto itself as well) and Vaurien I knew that my expectations had been met. It’s great nasty metal that is 100% sincere and serious, just the way I love my metal to be. I’ve never been a fan of metal that doesn’t take itself seriously so it sounds like morons farting into microphones and conversely I hate metal that takes itself so serious that it’s not really music it’s just weird, rhythmic noise.

This band has talent, but in the creation of the image of the band, the musicality and the actual skill of the music played. They’ve brilliantly put a lot of vegetables in the stew but the flavor of the meat has not been lost. It’s nasty, rancid, grimy, and delicious. I’ve heard that a full length album is coming soon and I can’t wait to see what Mort aux Gueux can do in a full length album.




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