Axial Symmetry – Nothing is Left

Throughout my time listening to metal there are two genres that I cannot seem to distinguish between: grindcore and thrash/death metal. They both have the same chugging guitars with intricate leads on top of a wall of blast beats. I listen to it rarely because it seems like it is too difficult to do well, outside of major bands like Carcass or Terrorizer no one seems to really do it well. Axial Symmetry, another sound recommendation from my friend Darragh, deserves to taken seriously because they are on their way with a formula that is proven to work.

Their message, lyrically, is essentially humanity is racing towards the edge of a cliff and the brakes have fallen off the car. It’s a common, yet powerful, message that is a great staple of grindcore (or thrash/death, like I said I can’t distinguish between them) and of the things that make it so unpalatable to the masses outside of metal, aside from, you know the whole metal aspect of metal, yet it’s still something that needs to be said. Axial Symmetry, hailing from Dublin, has a unique, and bleak, perspective on the race to oblivion we are careening on. In the same way Horrenda does, Axial Symmetry gives us a very unique look into what is going on in Ireland and, as a complete outsider, something to think about long after the album is over.

They still have a ways to go before they can make a larger impact but they are well on their way with a very well defined sound, fairly good production, and vocals that needs just a little adjusting. This band has an important message to get out, and I believe they will.



As always, listen and support!

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