Horrenda – The Redrum Session (Live Bootleg)

Every black metal band following in the footsteps of the giants that came before them needs a “Live in Leipzig” to establish themselves in the kvlt underground. It helps show that the band is serious about their craft, that they are willing to go out in front of people who have no idea who they are and perform. It is one thing to perform all your songs in studio where you can stop and go back and redo something you screwed up. Horrenda is no exception. Recently they released their live offering for us and it is not short of magnificent.

Live albums, especially for bands that are unsigned and relatively unknown, are a problem because they can sound exactly like their demos, thus killing the atmosphere of a live album. Horrenda is able to side step this and I dare so that the Redrum Session is better than Neronian Times. The music has a better, sharper edge to it and the vocals sound like something crawled out of the Otherworld. I loved getting to listen to this album. There is a definite rough quality to the music and the sound that is distinctive to all of Horrenda’s music. It’s not grimy or dirty like Mayhem but it’s not crisp like Satyricon. It’s something new entirely that can only be described as Horrenda.

According to Outis himself the live scene in Ireland is not good, by a long shot so this album existence is a small miracle unto itself. I am glad that the band recorded and released this, it’s a gem that one we, the listeners, can look back on a say “I remember when they released that.”

There is something in the atmosphere of the album, a blend of the vocals, the crowd noise, and the edgy musical notes that makes me feel like I was there when it was recorded, I can close my eyes and I can smell the spilt beer and the cigarette smoke. Not many live albums can do that to you, most of them sound like the band is uping their showmanship just for the album, pretending to interact with the crowd and generally not acting like the band themselves, not so with Redrum Session. This is true Horrenda to its Irish core.

The Redrum Session
On another note the album covers for all of Horrenda’s discography are out of this world, Redrum Session is no exception.

I don’t need to tell you but listen and support!



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