Snowblind – Split of Oak

Heavy metal, the classic stuff, can be really fun to listen to. It’s not often I will call metal fun but “Split of Oak” by the Dubliner’s Snowblind was exactly that: fun.

It’s only a two track EP but this album was probably the best classic heavy metal I’ve heard in a very long time. There are some great thrash influences that give the band a good hard edge and some solos that would make Iron Maiden and Slayer jealous. Snowblind is an amazing band, the sound is crisp and refreshing, it’s not what I was expecting all and I am happily surprised. The musicality is perfect, the atmosphere, the urge to headbang is too strong, I defy anyone to not headbang while listening to Split of Oak. The production is excellent, adding to the atmosphere and the feeling you get while listening. The vocals are crystal clear and beautiful, not done by someone who has no idea what they are doing. All the instruments and the vocals meld perfectly. Split of Oak was not a hastily put together EP, the level of detail and care is too great.

This album was over far too soon. I’ve listened to it at least three times just writing this review, I can’t seem to get enough of these guys! It’s not often I am this impressed with a classic heavy metal band, usually it’s not my thing at all (don’t get me wrong I love Iron Maiden, Venom, and Sabbath) but Snowblind has made a fan out of me in just 10 minutes of music.

SnowblindSpit ofOak
Another way to support them is by getting this shirt, a steal if you ask me.


Listen and support!


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