No Man’s Land – The Last Monolith

Despite its name, Doom Metal can actually be very fun to listen to, especially if the music is made by people are not taking themselves too serious, by people that care more about the craft than the image. Limerick’s No Man’s Land is such a band. They are Doom Metal band with enough classic heavy metal influences that they are not bogged down by the utter depression that many bands suffer from. There are many things that I love about Irish metal bands, across any genre: they understand emotion and frustration better than anyone else. No Man’s Land is no different.

I have to give a big thank you to the Irish Metal Archives, without that database, it would have been very difficult to come across a band like No Man’s Land. Even though it was a short EP, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It was slow and sludgy, like a churning maelstrom of sound and fury. The Last Monolith came out in 2013, the furthest I’ll go back in my reviewing. They don’t use clean vocals like Candlemass and for that I can’t really call them an epic doom metal band, even though the music is perfect for that sub-genre. However, their use of growls, slow and guttural, mix perfectly with the music. They are lucky too, because most of the growls that I have heard that are that guttural tend to sound like shit against the music. In instances like that the vocals take away from the feel of the music and take me, as the listener, away from the music. The cardinal sin for music making. No Man’s Land avoid that pitfall very well, in fact the more I listen to them the more I am convinced that if they had not done exactly that style of vocals, the album would not have been able to stand up. I would offer a word of caution to them though, as the music changes, so the vocals are going to have to change, guttural, primal growls like this work with sludgy doom metal and brutal death metal, and not a whole lot else.

I loved the EP, it’s one of those that you can listen to again and again without feeling the music grow stale. Worth a listen!



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