Ruairi O Baoighill – The Faceless Ones

Horror soundtracks are something special in my opinion. They have the burden of terrifying us without the benefit of visual stimuli. Often the soundtracks alone fall utterly short of this goal. However, upon listening to The Faceless Ones, I am convinced it is not only possible but that dark ambient artists put these composers to shame. The soundscape create through field recordings and digital manipulation is utterly spine tingling. The first track alone makes me feel as though I am about to watch a much more terrifying version of the Conjuring or the Omen. There is an amazing, unholy, creepy feeling that one could get watching some of the older horror flicks, those that did not rely on jump scares but rather ratcheted up the tension with ambiance, dread, and wide open spaces.


The Faceless Ones sets the bar high for this kind of dark ambient albums. This really is in a class unto itself. Normally I would say that dark ambient has a lot of fantasy notes hidden within the music to take you into the world of the album, not so with O Baoighill. He takes us into the seedy, strange, and evil places in our own world. With Lovecraftian grace he thrusts us into a reality where the monsters are real, the things in the shadows come out to play with the pitifully naïve humans. Unsettling in the best way. The music and sound stays with you long after the album is done. I find that sort of musical storytelling to be the most compelling, truly as Lovecraft would have wanted it.

One can tell from the layers of detail in every sound, every musical note  on The Faceless Ones that this was made with painstaking care. Eire has yet another hidden gem, this time from Galway, a city I have wanted to visit since watching Jack Taylor. There is talent here that we should ignore at our own peril. Very much worth a listen.



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