Slidhr – Spit of the Apostate

Every now and then a band comes along, sorta out of nowhere and blows you away with their talent. Slidhr is one such band for me. Occasionally I will browse through lists until something calls out to me, I’m never sure what it is that calls to me or why but I can feel a draw towards a certain band or album. I trust my instincts because they have never failed me when it comes to metal. Spit of the Apostate may have been a relatively short work but it was undeniably excellent. This band has that spark, that little something extra that bands around the globe frantically search for. Eire truly has a wealth of bands that have this inexplicable quality.

Slidhr is a mix of influences that sounds like none of them. I can hear Necrophobic, Leviathan, even some Mayhem but none of these influences make you say “This sounds like [insert name]” because these guys are unique. While they maintain just a little too much garage band sound, it adds to the rawness that Black Metal requires of its musicians. The vocals at a few points become background noise to the guitars rather than them being equals and with the truly uniqueness of the vocals themselves that’s a bit sad.

The band’s approach to the music is nasty, creating a harsh sound that reverberates rather than echoes like Leviathan and early Mayhem but the sounds are still crisp and distinctive, there is no muddling of music that Leviathan is guilty of, I like that they put an emphasis on the music itself, making it sound evil rather than just working on giving the whole album an evil sounding vibe. It’s too easy to look and seem evil while spewing out the same shit that has been getting rehashed for the last 20 years. Slidhr is heading off in a new direction and I could not be happier.

I recommend this to any fans of blackened death metal, the best of both genres in my not so humble opinion. You will not be disappointed by Slidhr.



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