Evelyn – Psychedelic Journey

Continuing this weekend’s trend of finding metal that stretches the boundaries of what I normally listened to, I found an instrumental band called Evelyn. I have to admit my hesitancy in even giving this band a shot because it felt so far away from my normal, comfortable realm of metal. But Resounding Footsteps is all about listening to all forms of metal and broadening what metal can be, faced with that, I gave it a listen.

While Evelyn may likely be the only Electronic/Gothic/Synth band I will ever listen to, I am happy that I did. It was a strange acid trippy journey through time and space but I get the feeling that was the intent of the band, after all the album in question is called Psychedelic Journey. Like something born out of 70s hippie music, Evelyn crafts a strange blend of synth and gothic metal that makes its listener question their reality. The album starts off fairly mellow and flighty with the drums and guitars building a foundation for the heavier, more intense music that will follow. The build is slow and, like a frog in a slowly boiling pot of water, the listener, at least that’s how I felt through a few listens, doesn’t realize the music is shifting from synth to metal. The transition is long and seamless.

There is no denying the band’s appeal. Hailing from Poland, the two members of the band, as far as I’ve researched on Metal Archives, have not worked on anything else, giving Evelyn their complete focus. It seems rare these days with side projects upon side projects for two people to work on a single band their entire career, at least up to this point, but the dedication shows in the music. The entire album was paced and performed perfectly.

It is not easy, I imagine, melding two styles that are so very different as gothic and synth metal but Evelyn performed the task quite well. As I said, they may be the only band I listen to that does this sort of music, but that’s perfectly fine with me, Evelyn has filled a hole with Psychedelic Journey that I did not know existed until after I heard it, it fills a niche for me that hadn’t been there before I heard the music. I truly enjoyed the trip, even though I had no idea where I was going most of the time.



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