Corr Mhóna – Dair


There is a special place in my music list for folk metal, the ability to blend traditional instruments and melodies with modern instruments and the intensity of black metal is no small task. The music covers a wide area, from aggressive and bombastic to melodic and melancholic. More often than not, folk and pagan metal fall under the black metal umbrella with a few like Corr Mhóna utilizing the sound of death and doom metal. Corr Mhóna, hailing from the land of Eire, are sludgy and powerful, like so many of the Irish folk heroes.

There is an atmospheric sense about the music, a timeless sound quality to the production. The lyrics are in their native Gaeilge, adding a richness to the music. There is aggression and anger in the music, that is typical of death metal but there is something else in there, something undefinable that adds to the appeal. The musicality is top notch with catchy riffs and melody upon melody. They use two vocalists, one harsh and one clean to play off each other as counterpoints in the same manner that the acoustic music plays off the electronic. The movements within each song are classical rather than poppy and jazzy, reminding me a little of Edvard Grieg. There is a hidden epic quality to the music that the production hides, giving Dair just enough atmosphere to sound doomy but not enough to sound ambient, they found a perfect blend for their sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed Corr Mhóna. They may not be as well-known as some of the other Irish folk metal bands out there right now but based on their raw talent musically, lyrically, and vocally, I can see them at the forefront of the new wave of metal coming out of Ireland.



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