Drakonis – Ravens Fuel the Skies

Thrash by itself is unappealing to me for various reasons (no need to get into them here) but when elements of trash are added to the other major sub genres of metal they can push a band over the top from being a standard death metal or black metal band and really allow them to stand out. When thrash is added to death metal, the music becomes faster and angry, less focused more on the anger of music rather than the feeling of anger itself. When thrash is added to black metal, the raw power and grime of black metal becomes nastier, faster, and rawer.

Drakonis’ Ravens Fuel the Sky is a thrash infused black metal fest. It has a harsh, grimy feel to it with production that cleans out a lot of the feedback to really make the guitars shine. There is still lots of raw power in the sound. The guitars are rich, not the thin screechy sound that is so standard for black metal. The drums have a deep tone that reverberates like death metal drums but they are much faster, another gift of the thrash influence.

The lyrics are grindcore it all its glory yet somehow, against the blazing speed and nastiness of the music, it’s almost poetic. The vocals add a lot of power to the lyrics as well, they aren’t shrill or growls but somewhere in the middle, just like the music itself. They add another layer of sound that creates that death metal wall of sound that death metal is so famous for.

Drakonis is a great, promising band from Northern Ireland that refuse to put into any specific genre, and their music backs up that claim. They truly are undefinable but they play so well, does it matter exactly what style they play? Absolutely not. Ravens Fuel the Sky offers three bonus songs from a previous name “Order of Shadow” and helps graph the progress in sound that the band has achieved. They have found a brutal, nasty sound that can only be described as Irish.



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