Celtachor – Nuada of the Silver Arm


I can count one hand the amount of times I have been left speechless by an album. Those times that everything, vocals, instrumentation, movement, lyrics, all fit in exactly the right places. It’s an amazing feeling. You feel the music rather than hear it, you feel it in every part of your body. Celtachor created, dare I say it, a beautiful metal album. That, too, is a term that I use with increasing rarity. Metal is not supposed to have a lot of beauty, unless you look at the operatic, symphonic side but pagan, black, death? All of that is supposed to be brutal, nasty, and ugly looking. Every now and then, though, a pagan metal band can create something that transcends what its genre is without leaving that genre. Celtachor did that with the album “Nuada of the Silver Arm.”

While sadly I don’t know a lot about Nuada or a lot of the myths that Celtachor decided to write their music to, I can feel the devotion to the subject material. They didn’t just pick things out of a book and point at what sounded coolest. I’ve seen bands that did that and it was not a pretty result. The lyrics are focused and heartfelt, it took time to create these. They aren’t “we are pagans and we hate Christians!” lyrics, these celebrate the history and myths that pagans have, something many other bands lack. Most importantly, at least to my ever curious brain, they have made me want to find out about the subjects they sing about.

The music, oh the music! A masterful blend of traditional folk melodies played with modern instruments and distortions and modern riffs played acoustically with traditional instruments. It’s an awesome twist that paints images in one’s head. Celtachor has created the kind of music I like to close my eyes and watch stories unfold in my head, stories inspired by the music, complete with emotional backdrops.

I could listen to an album like this on repeat for a long time without getting tired of the music. Nuada of the Silver Arm is a rare treat for fans of black metal and pagan metal. An album like this needs to be snatched up as soon as possible.



Definitely listen and support!


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