Mort aux Gueux and Horrenda – Grosse Île Split


I love both Mort aux Gueux and Horrenda, these were the two bands that really helped Resounding Footsteps started. They had a split, one that I’ve been aware of for quite some time but I couldn’t figure out a way to review it and make it special. Well, I found a way.

Grosse Ile is an amazing album, even though it’s short. The name of the album comes with a tragic story, albeit perfect for this split. Grosse Île is an island in Canada that was used as a quarantine for Irish settlers that arrived on a ship overrun with disease, in the year 1847 around 5,00 people were buried on the island. Why is such a tragic event perfect for these two?

Mort aux Gueux is part of the budding métal noir Québécois scene in Canada, a grim, thrashy scene with lots of the old Norwegian atmosphere combined with the French brutality. Mort aux Gueux is a pretty straight forward black metal band with a lot of thrashy influences. His music is raw and cavernous, with just enough production to meld all the sounds together. The atmosphere on his end of the split is added with the production rather than the music, focusing more on the feel of the music that the music itself. Even so, the music from Mort aux Gueux is technical and proficient, it’s not riffs strung together haphazardly with blast beats to back it up. Don’t underestimate Mort aux Gueux!

Horrenda, if you’ve paid any attention to Resounding Footsteps, is part of the Eire Metal scene, a more haphazard collective of bands with a wide variety of sounds but a very similar lyrical content and aggressive undertone. Horrenda started off as a one-man project that blossomed into a full-fledged band after a few demos. Outis’ vocals on Grosse Île are nothing short of terrifying. Add this to the live sounding production on Horrenda’s end of the split, the music is utterly terrifying. I’ve compared a lot of Horrenda’s work to Burzum and Mayhem, not because he sounds like them but rather I can see his path mirroring the early days of the second wave (more on that later). The music on Grosse Île is more bombastic than the later demos, especially Neronian Times, there more that “wall of sound” that is common with death metal but the production hides a lot of the death metal influences.

Bottom line is that this album is a great look into bands that I think could come to dominate their respective scenes. They have the talent and the drive that’s needed. Now they need the word to spread. So listen and spread the word!



The cassettes have sadly been sold out by now but there is an infinite amounts of digital downloads available.

Listen and support!


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