Grond – Worship the Kraken


Death metal, in a very different way from black metal, energizes my mind and body. There is something about deep, guttural sounds that gets my rage burning and my blood boiling. Grond’s “Worship the Kraken” is a prime example of death metal that releases something feral and primal in its listener. They toe the line between technical death metal and brutal death metal, borrowing just enough proficiency and sonic chaos from both subgenres to find their niche. They sound like neither Nile nor Devourment but they retain elements from both bands. They have melded the two genres and their respective walls of sound to create something unique. The music is complicated yet bombastic, there is enough of a melody with the twin guitars to head bang to and enough brutality to feel the music in your blood.

Worship the Kraken is a feast of Lovecraftian lyrics, a different sort of debilitating madness in each song. The eerie monsters and mysteries of Lovecraft even works its way into the music, everything is catchy but there seems to be a subliminal line beneath the music, a melody that, along with the nasty harsh vocals, threatens to make one’s mind explode.

This is what death metal should sound like. Exactly like this. There’s chaos, there’s disorder but it’s all wrapped up in a package that brutally delivers, it’s more precise than you might think for death metal. The growls are not haphazard Chris Barnes wannabe burps. They are unique to the band and work beautifully in counterpoint to the thrumming guitars. Grond is a treat (not to mention the Tolkien inspired name). Worship the Kraken is a gem that seems to have gone undiscovered, which is a tragedy. With all the crappy death metal bands copying Nile or Morbid Angel, it’s great to see a band that is blazing its own path. I urge you to listen to them, even if you don’t like death metal. Their aural madness could help change your mind.



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