Alphaxone – Echoes from Outer Silence

Space. The final frontier. With these words I’ll dive into a genre that had been a huge favorite of mine even though I never really knew it had a name or any significance outside a Star Trek theme song. I grew up listening to the music, closing my eyes and imagining myself flying through space, visiting all the places I had read about or seen on TV. I wanted to fly above Jupiter, see the rings of Saturn, see Alpha Centauri. I could with that music. The gentle, ethereal drone helped me detach from the Earth. Now, nearly three decades later, I have found the successor to The Next Generation’s space ambient. Alphaxone’s “Echoes from Outer Silence.”

He takes us further than Star Trek took us, the music, the soft drone and cavernous echoes takes the listener far beyond what NASA and the satellites have discovered, beyond the observable universe where things are wild, strange, and new. There are colors and images, shapes and sounds that are so foreign to our ears that we don’t know what to make of it. Echoes from Outer Silence gives us a hit of what it might be like out there, Alphaxone translated these wild, unimaginable things into something incredible.

The music is slow and plodding, it drones and echoes, sound waves bounce from star to star, opening a new expanse of the universe to the listener. We can see the world expand before our eyes, all around us the universe it growing, expanding. There is beauty there, beauty that can only be described through music, through soundscapes. There is also danger, in this new part of the universe, danger that defies explanation or reason. Alphaxone shows us everything, all the darkness and the light. This is one of the greatest albums, ambient or otherwise, that I’ve heard in a while. No album has stirred my desire to explore the unknown, to see space it all its glory and all its amorality. Space is amazing, and Echoes from Outer Silence shows just how amazing it can be. It musically describes gravity and light, stars and black holes. This is an album for introspection as well as exploration, we can see the depths of the universe unfold before us while at the same time we can look within and explore our emotional pathways. Echoes from Outer Silence is a superb album.



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