Erang – Our Dreams are Made of Dragons


There is poetry in music, beautiful flowing words and sounds that paint such wondrous images. “Our Dreams Are Made of Dragons” by Erang is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. There is something wild and magical about, something that is difficult to be put into words. Our Dreams Are Made of Dragons is a great mix of the nostalgia of dungeon synth, the rawness of dark ambient, and the musicality of symphonic music.

Much of the music of Erang is meant to welcome the listener into the musician’s own created fantasy world. A world fully imagined, a real world in every possible way. We, the listener, have been invited on a journey through part of this world.

Part of the music is old and nostalgic, bringing back to the Saturday mornings I would wake up early to play Final Fantasy or Lufia or Secret of Mana. I remember those days so vividly because of the music, it was so rich and vibrant and clear. Erang’s music hails from those days, where the music was sweeping, melodic and repetitive, motifs and themes interlaced with a beautiful melody. Erang receives top marks for that, it’s not easy to imitate the music of the old SNES without copycatting it.

Another part of the music is old and gritty, like something recorded on a cassette tape. There’s an undiscovered and unrefined quality to the music that adds depth, adds history to the music and to the story, the world that Erang describes. It’s the darker side of this world, the grimier parts, the world of the villains and the downtrodden. There’s something militaristic too, a beat that bangs relentlessly through the scene.

Our Dreams Are Made of Dragons (can I stop for a second and say I love the title, it’s fantastic!) is aural poetry. Without words, Erang has told me more about this world that I could have ever learned with a map or a painting or even a book. All of these things go into creating a world of course but music enriches the world we see. Erang created something here that defies the mind. I can truly say I loved it.



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