The Seal of R’Lyeh – Two Suns Setting in Carcosa

I am a big Lovecraft fan and the Cthulhu Mythos. Tales of cosmic horror and madness have appealed to me for quite some time, before I became a fan of metal and ambient music. When I found that both genres had a love affair with Lovecraftian literature I knew I had found the right music for me. Horror and ambient often walk hand in hand, each building off the tension of terror and suspense. The idea that something is out there in the dark and the shadows is thick in both forms of entertainment. That being said, not everyone gets the Lovecraft thing right, they focus more on the image than the sound (sounds ridiculous I know but it’s true). They work so hard to look Lovecraftian that they completely miss the mark. The Seal of R’Lyeh is not one of those groups. “Two Suns Setting in Carcosa” is the perfect example of how to create a Lovecraft inspired album. 

Carcosa, and the surrounding mythos of Hastur, is my favorite of all the stories despite it not being strictly Lovecraft (I’ll save that for a later discussion), there is something more insidious and sinister about the Yellow City than R’Lyeh or Leng. True to the source material, Two Suns Setting in Carcosa is a slowly creeping monstrosity of an album, each sound is layered with a wrongness that makes the experience wonderful. I would say it makes me want to visit Carcosa but let’s not get too carried away. This was an amazing album all around, from the grandiose spoken word in the beginning to the subtle drone that buzzes from beginning to end. It’s a wonderful soundscape that gives life to a lesser known corner of the mythos, a fitting tribute to the Yellow Emperor. 

It’s a different sort of madness in Carcosa, it’s less mind bending megalithic geometry and more dread and shadows. Carcosa, and this wonderful album, exist somewhere outside of reality as we know it, it’s not a place we should try to understand, it’s fascinating in a “scare the crap out of yourself” way and the music beautifully reflects that, giving the listener just enough madness to satisfy but leaving them with an urge to know more, despite the perils. I highly recommend this, especially at night during a raging storm, when Carcosa is closest to our reality. This is Lovecraft Synth at its best.


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