Tvlpa – Mountain of the Oppressor  

Ritual ambient, when looked at closely, has a different feel to it that dark ambient. It’s a snap shot of an event rather than the story. Instead of a broad spectrum of emotions and images, ritual ambient seems to focus on very particular ones. It’s detailed and precise, not a single atonal note is out of place. Tvpla is my first real experience with this sort of music, it was a strange journey into a new world. “Mountain of the Oppressor” is arcane and haunting, leaving me with lots of complex feelings. It’s an angry album, but it’s grandiose in its anger. There is something indescribably beautiful about it, it’s uncomfortable in its foundation, sinister even yet the sounds draw you still, grabbing your attention. Through all of the madness and chaos images start to appear in the mind’s eye, the power of the tulpa.

It’s not a long album, but it’s a complete album with a discernible beginning, middle, and end. 

Movements are interlaced with each other, mixed and intertwined. Each sound is paired with another that strengthens it, adds depth and emotions. The entire album has a cloud of doom over it, a mechanized cloud that adds an undercurrent of industrial noise to the project. The apocalyptic nature of the music tells a story all its own. It’s not spacey or alien, but it is not human either. There is something spectacularly malevolent about not knowing exactly what it is that I’m hearing, where it came from, the bowels of Hell or an alternate universe. There voices, distorted through all sorts of filters, whisper strange and terrifying things, grandiose things of higher dimensions and greater thought, greater madness.

It’s a strange orgy of sound that, though wildly cacophonous, moved in smooth flowing lines. It has a wonderful repetitive quality like that of dungeon synth but has much more dangerous tone. There is something breaking through the universe, thing of power yet completely amoral. It’s from somewhere else yet at the same time this sound, this music comes from the darkness of our own souls, Tvpla merely recorded it and gave it a name. This is something worth listening to, it’s an experience rather tha just listening. I highly recommend this.


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