Black Earth – Diagrams of a Hidden Order EP

Sometimes, chaos and madness are what we need to hear. As a semi skilled listener of dark ambient, I know the value of chaotic sounds. Black Earth’s latest release “Diagrams of a Hidden Order” is pure chaos album. And yet, through all the dissonance and cacophony, there is an organization to things, a mad hatter sort of organization but organization nonetheless. For such a short album (not quite 20 minutes long) Diagrams of a Hidden Order packs a wallop!

It’s hard for me to call Black Earth an ambient album, the sounds and music are  far too bold and aggressive to be considered such. Nor would I consider this a drone album because, while there are great examples of drone within the 18 minutes of the album, the sound is more complex and moves too fast. What I should call it is of no real consequence though, because what matters is that everything seemed to work in the album. All the madness and anarchical sound pointed (for me at least) to one thing: the listener is falling down the rabbit hole to Alice’s Wonderland. Or maybe it’s not Alice’s, maybe I should say it’s Black Earth’s Wonderland, they are the ones in the driver’s seat after all. At times it’s difficult to tell what the story is, with so much sound, there are so many threads and plots. Maybe that’s the point, all of our stories don’t unite in some great chorus, it’s a cacophonous mess. 

The songs titles, when you really read them and think about them, are about the seething mass of chaos of things that are hidden fro us, from unaware, unknowing eyes. The sound is a wild maze, it’s easy to get lost. 

I found the listen a highly enjoyable 18 minutes, an experience that was far too short but one that had layers and layers of meaning. After listening to it (several times I might add) I’m felt with questions, not about the album or the way it sounded or how it was produced but about what it meant. What is being hidden from me? What lurks around the corner of my vision? What’s controlling all of this madness? I like an album that can question my view of reality so well.


Listen and support!


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