Paleowolf – Primordial 

There’s a massive debate between nature/nurture and how it affects our outlook and responses. While I won’t debate either, one has to admit feeling a certain twinge of emotion when listening to Paleowolf’s “Primordial.” It’s something deep and primal and feral. 

My first thought was to call Paleowolf a stone aged Wardruna but upon further thought that comparison doesn’t do Paleowolf justice, while there are certainly links between the two groups they are wholly separate in terms of overall sound and purpose. Paleowolf’s purpose is to take the listener back to the days of the hunter gatherers, when life was more precarious and dangerous. The music, like Wardruna, stirs something inside the listener, something that remembers those days and longs to return. It’s an exciting album, neo folk is almost a stretch because of the ancient subject matter but it stirs the heart and that’s what matters.

The music itself has a synth feel to it, layered and intertwined with field recordings. While I would have liked an earthier feel to the music I can’t complain about the quality of the music itself, it’s soft in places but has an undertone of apprehension and dread while in other places it’s loud and exciting and bombastic. The length of songs gives the listener time to feel fully enveloped by this primordial (no pun intended) world, the sounds, sensations, and sights. I highly recommend this album for fans of dungeon synth, Wardruna, and neo folk in general.


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