Apologies and Promotions 

It’s been a while! I know it’s been quiet for the past couple weeks here and I apologize for that. Internet has been funky to downright nonexistent and school has just started (I work at the high school if any of you are interested). Thankfully the internet problem has been solved and the school issue is settling down. This means I’ll be able to get back into Resounding Footsteps with all sorts of new things. Two new “Why We Do What We Do” articles will be up soon, tons of new reviews on metal, dark ambient, dungeon synth, neoclassical, and neofolk, and an exert or two from “Beyond Light” which is fully underway now. 

So in short, sorry for the extended, unintentional absence but that absence is over and Resounding Footsteps is about to explode!


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