Dream of the Damned – A Taste of Insanity


If there is one thing that binds all Mexican metal bands together it is their ability to create an atmosphere. Whether that music is black metal, death metal, or doom metal, the atmosphere is there, like no other region I’ve ever heard. Case in point is Dream of the Damned’s 2015 opus “A Taste of Insanity” where I felt as though I were listening to a metal version of a James Bond intro.

The music was loose and fluid, each song sort of meandered through my ears. The pacing changed from song to song but the melody change was so gradual I didn’t know that the songs had changed my first time around. I think the basis for the strong music here was the piano, it stood out more so than the rest of the instruments and it shone (for lack of a better term) during its moments. Similar to a classical structure the melody from the piano, even as it was played on different songs, remained remarkably similar, drawing the entire album together.

The vocals were the only thing that did not seem to meld in the music, though the vocals were rare on this album (I do like that sometimes musicians will allow the instruments alone to do the telling) they were so atonal from the music that it was almost jarring. They were good, there is no doubt in that but at the same time they made the music seem too quiet, they overpowered the music and dominated the sound. They are the right sound for the music, but there’s just a little too much of them. However, the music and the quality with which it is played and the strength of the rest of the production more than makes up for the problems with the vocals.



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