Why We Do What We Do – Chiral

All of my projects are one-man bands. Chiral, my main one, Il Vuoto, and ||| all involve just one person, me.

My name is Teo, and I’m from Northern Italy. I wouldn’t define myself as a strict kind metalhead. To be honest I don’t know if I would define myself a metalhead at all. While all the music I composed so far (for those 3 projects) could, and should be labeled as metal music I definitely come from another sonic background. Since I was a kid I used to listen to a lot of rock music, blues and fusion. Even if during the years my tastes expanded to other genres and styles, my heart firmly remained there. That being said, metal changed my (musical) life. That can’t be denied.

When I discovered Opeth music, through the amazing Deliverance album, I was struck by them. From the deep guttural growls to the heavy fast-paced double kick drum everything sounded so amazing yet so new to me. I guess something in my mind has clicked back then, and from that moment I started scouting for new music and new ways of being innovative and heavy to my ears.

So well, if you ask what bands feel important for my musical growth then Opeth undoubtedly stands in the first place. Below there’s no one else but Wolves in The Throne Room. Frankly, WiTTR are for black metal what Opeth are for death metal. I know a lot of you may debate this, however that was just merely personal.

Other metal bands that are quite important to me include: Falls of Rauros, Saor, Dream Theater, Dissection (they used to be, I can’t really feel their music anymore), Mournful Congregation, Funeral Moth, Woman is The Earth and Agalloch (even if I’m in strange “relationship” with them). Of course they weren’t listed in order of importance.

While those were all the metal bands I’m attached to, in one way or another, amongst my other major inspirations I shall mention: Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Muse, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and the Pat Metheny Group. As you can see we’re so distant from metal here, but yet they can give some strong emotions that few else can be able to.


I’ve been also asked to explain how I got into the metal community, and again I don’t know if I have ever got really into it. I always felt like I was somewhere in between; I’ve never been physically to a metal festival nor I have a tangible circle of friends who are into metal. Let’s say my contribution to the community has been mainly (and exclusively) online. Which isn’t TRVE at all, is it? In my defense I can say I’ve tried and spread the word with the help of a music-related blog I started with a friend of mine, a couple of years ago. The Somber Lane was born mainly to help and support small underground realities (just like my projects are) to give them a tiny spot where they can be hopefully noticed.

Besides that, I also play/compose for three different musical projects. My firstborn is Chiral, started back at the end of 2013 as a death/black metal act, which is slowly evolving from release to release into something I’m still not sure of. However, the last known album is definitely atmospheric black metal with folk elements. That’s for sure.

Il Vuoto was born in spring 2015 and it accomplishes my willing to create something utterly sad and claustrophobic. I’d label this project as a Funeral Doom Metal/Drone band, even if my latest release, a split album with Failor sounds pretty ambient.


While the youngest one, ||| (aka. Three Parallel Lines) relies in an Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal/Noise territory and, as someone said, sounds like a cocktail of my other two bands. Actually, I can’t say it might not be true.

Anyway, if you folks can excuse some shameless self-promotion, here are some links to listen to the “top” releases of all my projects (so far):

Chiral’s Night Sky
Il Vuoto’s Weakness
|||’s Lines & Lands

At the end I think I should give the title an answer. Ok, it wasn’t a proper question, but have me saying why I do what I do could really sum up this “stream of consciousness-like” article a bit.

So, what’s it all about. Well, dunno actually. I simply like doing what I’m doing, I feel great when people appear to be bonded to my music but most of all I love to be moved by my own music. I know it sounds overly pretentious, but it’s not. I mean, it happens so infrequently, I rarely get enough satisfied with what I create, but the moment I am, boy, it is just one of the better feelings someone can ever experience.
Probably, I do what I do just to feel just better.


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