Tertium Organum – Alud

The morning, for me, is the best time to listen to dark ambient music. I get up long before the sun does (4 am) so it’s nice and dark outside; it’s quiet. Mornings are my time to reflect on things before I’m forced to deal with society and the idiot masses. Tertium Organum wrote an album that seems as though it was specifically made for me. “Alud” is a deeply introspective, intense, and thoughtful album that goes perfectly with black coffee and oatmeal.

This is an album that has been sitting patiently on my list for several weeks now and I’m glad I finally got around to listening and reviewing it. Every so often an album fits the atmosphere perfectly. This was Alud today. It’s a grand mixture of ritual and space ambient, a sort of floating through infinity while the elder gods watch sort of vibe. It’s hard to describe. It was not a tranquil album, there were plenty of sinister undertones in the album but it was still somewhat peaceful. It harkens back to the days of Burzum with all the artist had was an instrument and a recorder. It was simple yet complex. There was a very subtle soundscape beneath the music, just enough to help the listener feel as though they were being lifted from this dimension and off to another.

The journey the listener goes on is the most important thing a dark ambient album has to achieve. A dark ambient album, no matter the subgenre, needs to take the listener away from the mundane, everyday world and take them somewhere else. Maybe it’s a place they have never been before, floating out in space or exploring the inner reaches of the earth. Maybe it’s a journey through one’s subconscious, through nostalgia and long forgotten memories. It can be traumatic, it can be peaceful, it can be enlightening. But the journey is paramount. Tertium Organum took me on a fantastic journey (you thought I was going to say voyage didn’t you?). It was the perfect album to start the day on. I highly recommend it to everyone.



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