The Great He-Goat – Last Rites for a Generation


You never know where you are going to find some amazing metal. Finland, Norway, Ireland, and Sweden are usually great places to look and find something pretty good. But Tulsa Oklahoma? What music could come from there and not sound like corn fed hokieness and really bad country? The Great He-Goat. I would have never thought to look in my own backyard (I consider Norman to be my hometown). A simple search through reddit of esoteric black metal brought them up and I was immediately intrigued. A name that’s a little Lovecraftian, a little Luciferian, and a little Renaissance caught my eye. The little snippet I got from YouTube only served to add to my hunger. I found their full length album, “Last Rites of a Generation” and listened to it straight through twice. It was an awesome experience, one that I think everyone who reads this needs to try.

What made this band and this album so great? Everything. It had some of the great guitar melodies I’ve heard since Dissection, some keyboards that would make Nightwish and Emperor proud, yet nothing was unoriginal or an imitation of the aforementioned bands. The Great He-Goat sounds like no one else and yet manages to feel comfortable, they don’t go out of their way to make the music sound like anything other than the black metal it is. This is one of the main reasons I like esoteric black metal so much. No matter the subject matter (violence and ignorance here), there is always a vibrant atmosphere that the sound reverberates off of. The Great He-Goat has a sort of cathedral-esque echo to it, it’s rich and smooth.

You never know where you will find your next favorite band, they might be across the ocean in Ireland or they could be right next door. Part of what makes our metal community so great is that it is possible that both places are great to find bands, we have to be willing to look everywhere because if we don’t, we will miss something great.



Listen and support!



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