Cold Womb Descent – Descendants of Tethys

Biology, natural history, evolution, astronomy. These are topics I don’t think we as people know enough about. They are fascinating in and of themselves and help us understand more about the world we live in. While we don’t know everything we want to know, there are certain feelings that are evoked by these subjects. Cold Womb Descent tapped into those feelings and gave them sound in “Descendants of Tethys.” I can firmly say that this is my favorite space ambient album ever (and that’s not just because it had some Neil deGrasse Tyson audio samples in the first song).


There was nothing not to like about this album. There was something in the soundscape, in the music that had been unconsciously connected, for me, to science, to evolution. When I heard these melodies and these soundscapes, something clicked inside my head. The music is primal and timeless, spanning eons. The sound is ethereal, it felt like I was watching the history of the planet unfold and this was the soundtrack.

Descendants of Tethys is a concept album, taking the listener from the very formation of the solar system through the formations of proteins and the beginnings of life. It has the best qualities of space ambient, it takes the listener away from their body and allows them to explore the vast reaches of infinity, it shows them wild things beyond what their imaginations, sows seeds of wonder and desire, desire to see amazing things and wonder through the infinite universe. Descendants of Tethys do all of these things, the album awakens an urge to explore, to learn. This is space ambient at its finest.

The melodies shift as the story changes, giving sound to the words and facts we’ve all tried to learn, shaping the picture, adding color where once was just black and white. The sound, ebbing and flowing as the tide, both relaxes me and invigorates me. This is what space ambient should sound like.



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“Return to the Origins of Life”


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