Metatron Omega – Sanctum

Sanctum. A place where we can go to be alone, a place where we are secure, a place where we can reach ourselves. That’s the idea behind Metatron Omega’s second offering “Sanctum.” This album hit me at the exact right time, I listened to it fully the first time though in the early morning, when I wasn’t fully awake but was aware enough of the sounds to know what it was I was experiencing. This was a surreal album, made more so when I found out the man behind Metatron Omega is the same man behind the excellent Paleowolf project. Upon learning that, I felt something feral and primal in the echoes of Sanctum in my mind. It added depth to the music that was already deep and soulful. This was an amazing experience.

One of the major themes I sensed throughout the album was the church, not the group but the actual building, the temple, the physical place people would go to find sanctuary. The soundscape, created so vividly with distorted choirs and eerily ringing bells. The music feels much deeper than what we can describe on the surface, this is the kind of music that changes a person as they listen to it. The music echoes through the person’s mind and rebounds off the mirror of their soul, coming back out of them as something totally different. This is the essence of what I would like to call gnostic ambient music, something I think Metatron Omega really exemplifies.

There is a grand scope to the music that does not really have a story but has a purpose, a purpose that differs from person to purpose. There is an atmosphere on this album that I’ve not heard outside an atmospheric black metal album. It’s not massive like that of space ambient, which by its very nature has to have atmosphere beyond anything else, but it has greater depth and more richness than nearly anything I’ve ever heard. The music and the soundscape cascades and reverberates as though it were captured rather than created, the music is alive in its own writhing, twisted way.

Such an album has a raw beauty about it, something that goes beyond what words can adequately express. It might be cliché to call something like this a spiritual experience but in reality that’s exactly what listening to this feels like. The music transcends the bounds of the physical world, an ode to the unknowable creator god, to borrow a gnostic idea, in contrast to the demiurge and the manifestation of the physical world. Music and sound are those things that are physical yet activate the longing we have deep within us for that which is not physical. There is a sinister, almost malevolent feel that lies somewhere deep within the music, subtle notes and hints of something else that also transcends the physical and the spiritual. On a whole this album is a haunting look into our own psyche, a journey which must take place within a sanctum and therefore rounds again back to the name of the perfectly named album.

Words seems so woefully inaccurate here, it’s an attempt to describe something that has never been seen before and comes totally unexpected. It’s a slow journey over the River Lethe in a boat that meanders wistfully back and forth along the current. An excellent listen.



Listen and support!

Cryo Chamber Bandcamp
YouTube Video of “Sanctum”


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