DeepDark – Lost


When an artist puts a lot of material very quickly it makes me nervous. I have concerns about the quality, uniqueness, and originality of the music because the albums seem to be coming out at an alarming rate. However, since I’m not even close to what one might call a musician I can’t say that every artist should only put out one or two albums a year. There are artists and musicians out there that could put out material at an impressive rate of an album a month and each album would be high quality and original so I have to set that brain itch aside. All that being said, DeepDark, a dark/space ambient project out of Russia has been on my radar for some time but the problem was my review plate was rather full when I first heard of him and he released albums so quickly it was hard to find the latest album (which is what ideally I’d like to do) to review. Finally, I settled on “Lost” which while not his latest album is at least the most recently full length album (meaning more than four songs).

So after the arduous task of finding the right album I was all set to not truly enjoy the album. I was not quite in the right mindset, I think, the first time I listened to it all the way through.  I did a disservice to myself, to DeepDark, and to those that read Resounding Footsteps doing that. After the first song played I realized that despite myriad albums being released under the DeepDark moniker, the music was very good, it was the space ambient that I have come to enjoy so much. It had a lot of 80s psychedelic influence, the sort of trance like quality of flying through space and seeing all the wonders of the cosmos but, too, it has a sort of eerie, uncomfortable vibe that the best space ambient is able to hide underneath layers and layers of sound and music.  It’s hard to relax with that sort of music, and that’s what I like about it. Despite your desire to sit and watch the stars go by the music and sound keep throwing hints and images into your head that things are not quite alright and that your guard has to be up. DeepDark belongs in the discussion for the superior space ambient projects, even if many of his releases are not strictly (or at all) related to space ambient. The album was extremely well produced, the sound was clean and crisp with just enough atmosphere to really make you feel like you’re flying through the stars which is another thing that shocked because of the rapid fire release of the albums. I was expecting something rawer and more unrefined. I hate to use the term rushed but it sort of fits. My expectations were happily disqualified. The only qualm I have at all about the album really is the length of the songs coupled with the how many of them there were. I kind of felt like I was listened to a double Opeth album. It was a lot of material and it was pretty dense there at the end but other than that I think this was a great example of what space ambient is.



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