Priests Dungeon – Isåedor

Sometimes, despite the brevity of the material available to you, you know a certain project is good. Despite having only two short demos available at the moment Isåedor has made and indelible impression on me. Dungeon synth has never been, nor will it ever be, a flashy genre. I think it will always be relegated to the shadows of the larger, sometimes more controversial, genres. Yet despite that, I think dungeon synth will thrive in its environment and projects like Isåedor are my example when I say that. Despite “Priests Dungeon” lasting less than twelve minutes I was able to discern a lot about the music, I was able to truly feel the music and allow it to take me away (as it were).

There’s a deep, great richness in dungeon synth that is exemplified through Isåedor and projects like it. The music, despite its simplistic production, is an amalgamation of complex notes and melodies that are often meant for a sole purpose: nostalgia. That’s what drew me in originally to dungeon synth. It was the feeling of playing the old SNES games again or listening to Tolkien dramatizations that has kept me coming back to dungeon synth over and over again. Isåedor is a great continuation of that tradition.

Music helps me write and allows me to relax enough to read. In that spirit, dungeon synth provides an atmosphere that makes the writing more realistic, more colorful and vibrant and it helps the reading gain meaning and heart. Without groups like Isåedor and albums like Priests Dungeon there would be a cloud of grey over some of the great works of fantasy and horror in people’s minds. Not that the words lack meaning or power, but the words themselves cannot create sound; the words are full of richness yet with the music so much more depth is added, emotions that are impossible to name are given something tangible to hang onto. That’s why I keep coming back to dungeon synth and bands like Isåedor, because they add that indescribable quality to other works of art. Priests Dungeon might not last long but it very worth the listen.



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