.- -… … . -. -.-. Mesartherim


It’s good to have constants in life. One constant for me is that I will wax philosophical about space metal. There is something about it that truly defies words. Space metal allows my mind to wander and to explore. Space metal speaks to my imagination in ways that no other genre of metal can. Mesartherim, the name of Gamma Arietis, is the kind of space metal that employs not only space ambient (an entirely separate subgenre) but drone that could give Sun O)))) a run for their money. .- -… … . -. -.-. .  is their latest opus and a definite candidate for “Album of the Year.”


It’s one of those album that hits you right from the start and doesn’t let up until the end. The sound and power waxes and wanes, going from an almost acoustic folk sound to a raw, gritty black metal within the space a song and back again. I love black metal that defies conventions, that reshapes the boundaries of what defines black metal. Mesartherim are the spitting definition of experimental black metal. They are as secretive and shadowy as any black metal band, adding intrigue to their image. They don’t do it in a superfluous or gimmicky way though, using their secrecy to sell their image, they are a band that focuses on the music, and damn good music at that. It’s not just their musical prowess that impresses me, it’s their ability to blend the conventional instruments with the ambient soundscape. The guitar riffs range from wild and free to sinister and dark, matching the ambient background as it shifts from keyboards to drone. They balance the many aspects of their music brilliantly, blending them into a great behemoth of sound and light, fury and vibrancy.

It is not often an album like this comes along, it’s space metal in the atmospheric, metaphysical sense but the album never really explores the physical cosmos, something that is common with most space metal. Rather, they explore the philosophical implications of what space and the vast void means against the puny existence we maintain here on earth. It’s almost Lovecraftian without really being Lovecraftian. Mesartherim are a band worth looking into, trust me you will not go away unhappy.



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