Top 5 One-Man Bands That Go Unnoticed


Rive started out in Svalbard Norway but relocated to Spain where he released “Sorg” in March of 2016. While Danthor Wildcrow (damn does that sound like a good Wilding name in Game of Thrones) has a lot of projects going, some one-man some not, but Rive is the band that really sets itself apart. Danthor’s brand of depressive black metal is raw and nasty like it’s supposed to be but he adds elements of thrash, death, and doom.


Gaoth is the brainchild of Fionn Stafort, the guitarist of the pagan black metal band “Celtachor.” Where Celtachor focuses on the legends and myths of Irish culture, Gaoth dives into the land itself. Gaoth is one of the strongest atmospheric black metal bands I’ve come across in a long time, easily on par with such acts as Agalloch (RIP) and Wolves in the Throne Room.

Mort aux Gueux

Mort aux Gueux plays a subgenre of black metal that normally I steer clear of: blackened thrash. But that couldn’t keep me away. Francois Le Gueux has created a project that is unique in its physical environment (Mort aux Gueux is smack in the middle of Métal Noir Québécois) yet doesn’t have the following that it should. He’s created quite a back catalog in a short time, all of the very raw, thrashy black metal variety that I have come to love.

Emyn Muil

Emyn Muil is a band I’ve known and listened to for quite some time and because of that I thought that he was pretty well known. Imagine my shock to find that Emyn Muil didn’t come up in a conversation about Summoning. If I were pressed, I would call this “Medieval Black Metal.” Despite only one album to his name since 2013, Emyn Muil is honestly a contender for Summoning’s throne.


Mythology came to me as a recommendation and damn am I happy for that. With a raw mix of death and black metal, Mythology has a very distinctive sound. He fuses melodies together that give the sound an almost folk like sound. Mythology hails from the UK yet has a sound that reminds me of the Louisiana Bayou. With only a handful of songs to his credit, Mythology has made their style beautifully clear.



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