Dungeon Dirges – Werwolfsblut


Sometimes the line between genres is very thin, through my search of dungeon synth and dark ambient I have found several albums and projects that toe the line, none more so than Werwoflsblut and their album Dungeon Dirges. There are several similarities between the two genres, each dip into horror and the surreal; they both play with the mind and show us images of things that we can’t quite reach in our right minds. Dungeon Dirges is a classical horror soundtrack. It’s full of wonders and horrors, the unshakable feeling that there is something right around the corner or something creeping out in the dark. But it’s not just the synth that creates this world of gothic horror. That’s where there dark ambient (or in this case horror ambient) takes the reigns and adds all sorts of soundscapes, samples, and drones. Dungeon Dirges isn’t a proper dungeon synth album nor is it a proper dark ambient album. It’s a different sort of animal altogether. It’s something like the soundtrack to a Lovecraftian film (the best kind of film really), one that plays on the mind, shows it things that it doesn’t want to see, that it can’t look away from. The marvelous thing about Dungeon Dirges is that the horror, the unease, the terror never really let up; it’s a slow burn the builds up over the course of the album at the perfect rate. The first time I listened to it I felt a bit like the frog in the pot of water, unaware that the temperature was rising. The horror nature of the album wasn’t overtly apparently at first, but the music has a sort of darkness about it, a gloom. As the album goes on, the elements of horror slowly creep in, distorting the music, adding slight atonal jaunt to the music. It’s brilliant. The highest compliment I can give an album of this caliber is that if I ever made a film, I would go to this artist to create the soundtrack. It’s deep and terrifying and awe-inspiring. It’s not an album that lasts long but it is one that stays with the listener, the music sort of echoes in the head long after the album is over. This is one of the dungeon synth library.



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