Witches’ Oath – Mindkult


Hot damn! There are a few albums that I listen to again and again and each time I do, the music just sort of takes over my thoughts. Whatever I’m thinking or feeling melts away as the music takes over and it lasts past the time the album has finished. It takes a damn good album to really take you away from wherever you are and drop you somewhere else entirely. That’s exactly what happened to me when I listened to Mindkult’s debut album, Witches’ Oath. I have never been so eager to recommend an album before. The music was euphoric, quite literally I felt better after I listened to it. Isn’t that what music is supposed to do in the first place? Most bands effect you while you listen to them (if they have any talent at all) but to effect the listener after the music has ended, that’s something reserved for true magicians.

This album, and the band, sort of came out of nowhere. This is the first album from Mindkult and from what I can tell this is the first album ever worked on by “Fowst” the man behind Mindkult. And band hits the ground running. The quality of this release, the exact precision of the sound quality is not something I’ve seen in a while. It was truly beautiful. The guitars have so much fuzz and feedback that it literally fills the listeners’ minds, pushing out everything except for the unnerving buzz and drone. The first time I listened to it, it felt as if bees has invaded my skull. It was a trippy experience that is not relegated to the first listen, each time I listened to the album I felt the same way; it has damn good staying power. The entire album reminded me of Iron Butterfly, the music had that same sort of psychedelic, mushroom fueled journey through the infinite feel. I don’t know whether to call it a tribute to that era or the start of a new wave of psychedelic metal but whatever you want to call it, you can’t deny the power the music holds.

The musical influences stretch beyond just the psychedelic rock of the 60s and 70s, drone bands like Earth and SunnO))) clearly played a part with seemingly infinite feedback loops. There were, too, some easy to pick out black metal riffs and death metal style picking but the best part of the entire experience was the doom metal. It was so thick and heavy that it nearly drowned out anything else, it was sludgy, fuzzy, and above all slow and methodic in its march forward. Fowst clearly made some sort of Faustian deal to play something this good because damn! And the vocals, holy shit those pipes! It was Henry McCoy young and vibrant again! The vocals were hypnotic and powerful, Fowst has a set of pipes that is to be reckoned with! Fueled by the fuzzy guitars and sludgy riffs, these vocals, clean and clear, have a stronger attraction to nearly anything that’s rasped or growled in metal today. Outside of Fields of Nephilim I have never felt something quite so mesmerizing. The music and the vocals play off each other as well, each feeding off the power of the other and spewing forth something gorgeous from the bowels of hell.

The entire experience of this album is one that every metal, rock, ambient, drone fan needs to experience. It has an occultic power that cannot be missed. Each album we listen to is a unique experience, some good some bad. Yet every so often an album will cross our path that has the potential to change the way we perceive music. This is that album for me. If I wouldn’t look and sound like a crazy man I would recommend this album to every person I met, or maybe I will in spite of that. Seriously this album is that good, never before has a debut album had such power upon its initial release.



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