Brutal Gluttonous Beast EP – Ten Ton Slug


Metal has a problem every now and then. It takes itself very seriously, much too seriously, at times. I’ll be the first to admit that seriousness is necessary to a certain extent but so many bands and projects take it pretty damn far. To counter that sort of attitude, I think we all need a band or genre that doesn’t take itself that seriously. I found mine in Galway’s Ten Ton Slug. Just the name of the band elicits a grin, admit it! They’ve been around for a while but other than a short live demo they didn’t have a catalog. That will change come October 25th with the release of their debut EP “Brutal Gluttonous Beast.”

The album sounds exactly like you think it would. It’s plodding, thick, and heavy with lots of chug-chug. It’s a real headbanger with catchy riffs and melodies and an amazing undercurrent in the bass and drums. The lads have really outdone themselves with this release. It’s a fun album to listen to and I mean that literally. Listening to these guys play is satisfying, it sort of brings me back to the days of yore when I was first getting into metal and listened to just about anything with a “metal” tag to it. There was a lot of hit and miss those days but when I found something that I could really headbang to I held onto it. In those days my taste ranged from black metal to death metal and everything in between. Ironically though sludge metal never really came up. Thinking on it now I can’t think of a reason for that. But now that I have bands like Ten Ton Slug (I seriously fucking love the image!) I can rest easy.

These guys have talent, not only just in created a behemoth monstrosity of a mascot, but also musically. You might think it wouldn’t take a lot of talent to make something like this but you’d be wrong, it might be easy to make a bad sludge album by throwing in all the boring clichés and tropes. Ten Ton Slug doesn’t do that. They’ve forged their own path here with very clear and thick production qualities giving the four song EP a very raw and heavy sound. The vocals are really fun too, somewhere in between a thrash yell and a death metal growl. Had I heard that anywhere else I might have cringed (and I have) but here, mixed with the sound of the instruments and the light atmosphere, it works beautifully.

Sludge might not be your cup of tea, I don’t blame you, but despite that you need to try Ten Ton Slug. They’re fun and they’re talented. You won’t be disappointed!

Ten Ton Slug 'Brutal Gluttonous Beast' EP cover.jpg


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Ten Ton Slug Bandcamp


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