As They Rot – Drakonis


Some bands will can put something out that remains entertaining no matter how many times you listen to it. Albums that have staying power beyond the first few listens are all too common so when you find an album or EP that really stays in your head and plays itself over and over hold on to it. Don’t let good metal like that go. Drakonis has been a favorite of mine since I learned of them a few months ago so, naturally, when the EP “As They Rot” was announced I was over the moon.

And I was not disappointed. With only three songs they managed to capture the same sort of virulent spirit that they had when they recorded Ravens Fuel the Sky. I was blown away immediately by the sheer power of the guitars, the production and the talent were outstanding. Technical proficiency and amazing acoustics fill the sound out when the vocals are not spewing. Speaking of vocals, I can hear a lot of Dimmu Borgir influence from earlier in Shagrath’s career, back when his vocals were harsher than melodic. The vocals improved from the last album as well, they are more in sync with the music and they match tonally.

The music is damn fun to listen to as well, it sound hits you immediately with a wall of distortions and riffs that could make your head spin and yet despite the constant barrage of sound and fury it’s still smooth like scotch. A lot of bands that come out with that sort of sound are often off kilter and the music seems to stutter, but Drakonis manages to be fluid throughout each song.

Drakonis is the kind of band whose sound and production quality can go toe to toe with any of the mainstream metal bands. It gets a little grainy at times but that’s only something I noticed after listening to the EP about five times so it’s really not an issue to me.

As They Rot is a fine addition to the growing catalog of Drakonis, it has all the power and rage of death metal with the villainous sounds of black metal. They hit every mark and the music stays with you, you can’t ask for much more than that. This album proves that Drakonis has a bright future ahead of them.



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