Oscillating Apparitions – Lost Kadath

Dark ambient is the genre that can make a three-hour long album seem like a few minutes; it has come to feel like movie soundtracks to me and those always last at least an hour. Dark ambient is a genre that requires patience, understanding, and a great capacity for imagination (sort of like living with a writer) to truly appreciate. Dark ambient requires time to marinate in our brain as we attempt to comprehend exactly what the artist is showing us. However, that is not always the case, while I’ve come to expect, and even insist upon having long dark ambient albums to unwind to there are albums out there that defy that sort of unspoken rule. Oscillating Apparitions, the latest release from Lost Kadath, doesn’t even last half an hour. I was surprised to see this and, admittedly I was pretty skeptical. How could an ambient album accomplish what it needs to in so little time?

I really need to stop judging things before I listen to them.

Lost Kadath is more than just an amazing Lovecraftian name, within the span of a few minutes I was taken out of this world and dropped unceremoniously into another horrific world filled with fear and terror. The music is mostly drone based with the sound reverbing off the walls and looping for what feels like forever. With each new droning note the sense of unease and horror grows, and it doesn’t take long before the sound is completely overwhelming. The atmosphere on this album is out of this world (no pun intended) but it’s not space or sci-fi ambient, the entire half hour is pure horror. Without any industrial samples or field recordings, Lost Kadath has managed to create a vibrant soundscape, one that makes the listener feel as though they are on their way to the gods in the dream lands. Even though the sense of dread never quite leaves the album alone, there is a sense of wonder that counter balances it, acting as a juxtaposition of fear and wonder. The production has a synth feel at times, the drones distorting in odd electronic waves. It adds a nice touch, I think, because it adds to the overall dream like quality the album is going for.

In short (again no pun intended), the album itself might not last the normal hour’s length that I’m used to but within the timeframe it more than delivered what I expect to hear now in a dark ambient album. Lost Kadath here we come!



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