The Journey of the Warrior – Dalibor

When music tells a story, everyone listens. When music tells a story well, ideas are planted and imaginations are stirred. With dungeon synth, the stories are so often dark and dreary, the medieval landscape covered in layers of fog and melancholy. Rightly so though, the medieval and fantasy lands were filled with peril, death, and danger. It was as terrifying to live amongst the dragons and warlocks as it was exciting to live amongst the elves and dwarves. Yet there is always a light that breaks through the fog, the illuminates the hero’s path. Dalibor’s “The Journey of the Warrior” is the musical equivalent to that beam of light.

The Journey of the Warrior is true Arthurian dungeon synth. The sound is overwhelming the music, the ambient nature sounds, it really takes the listener back in time to when the knight errant was what every young boy wanted to be, when going on adventures filled their dreams at night. The sound is epic and engaging, tugging the heart and enlivening the imagination. The Journey of the Warrior tells the story of a knight going out alone into the wide world, the majesty and the wonder of the world is first overwhelming. But soon, as the quest wears on and on the world begins to show the cracks in the façade. The beauty is aged and decayed, burned away like chaff. Battle, the noble ideal of it at least, the glory to be sought in vanquishing foes becomes all too real, it’s bloody, nasty, and dirty. Yet through it all, the knight maintains the air of chivalry, justice, and nobility.

The music on Journey of the Knight is raw, epic, and atmospheric, the production of the sound is pretty good leaving just enough fuzz and static to sound authentic rather than synthetic. The sound is enhanced by the ambient background field recordings of nature, providing the listener a solid link to the world that the music is creating. The sound lends its reality to the music, as if legitimizing it, making it more real. The music is not just an idea but perhaps something that actually happened.

The Journey of the Knight might not be the album of the year because of its obscurity, but tha makes it no less important to hear, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world that feels like it’s declining every day. We need music like that of Dalibor to remind us that even though some things are declining, others are ascending, other things are worth living for and making things better for.



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