Trve Kvlt Svrfer Rock

We can all agree that black metal is arguably the most aggressive, violent, and harsh form of music out there, but did you know that it has a twin brother? I’m not referring to death metal but to surfer rock. Did I lose you there? Black metal and surfer rock are essentially identical with black metal throwing in so much fuzz, distortion, and piss poor production that they sound completely different. Yet the fact remains that they are siblings. Black metal has dressed all its tremolo picking in black leather and spikes while surfer rock chose to express itself with a tan and board shorts.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Trve Kvlt Svrfer Rock!

Take a look at this video:

And compare it to this one:

Even though the structure of the songs has been changed a little and the drums have been rerecorded, you cannot deny that the change is startling. And it’s not just with the heavy hitters of black metal that have fallen prey to this phenomenon. Even Horrenda, the experimental/depressive black metal band from Ireland has fallen prey to this phenomenon.


Whatever causes this oddity, I’m sure a student of music theory or a music producer could explain away the reason, it seems to isolated to the raw, straight forward black metal bands like those of the second wave or bands like Horrenda that play a similar style. The trick doesn’t quite work with industrial, symphonic, or atmospheric black metal.

Trve kvlt svrfer rock might not be something that lasts very long, I can’t really see many fans of Azaghal or Gorgoroth getting down to beach boys, but while it’s around it’s definitely fascinating. Will an artist step up and make the first real album or an album of classic black metal covers? I doubt it (but I secretly hope for it). Trendy blips on the radar like this usually don’t spawn a subgenre but while it’s around let’s enjoy it. We all know that black metal can get overly serious sometimes, a bit of fun, quirky music style like trve kvlt svrfer rock might be what we need right now.


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