Resounding Echoes: Axial Symmetry

Axial Symmetry exemplifies what I love about Irish metal, they’re a band full of intelligence, talent, and a laid back attitude. I first became aware of them a few months ago when I listened to Nothing is Left. I was beyond impressed because not only did it have all that I could ask for from a death metal album it had subtlies and nuances that I’ve only ever found in Irish metal. Gavin, one of the band’s founders, talk to me about how Axial Symmetry came about and what the bands means to him.


Resounding Footsteps: People say that music is supposed to progress, would you say that’s true of Axial Symmetry? How would you compare your latest album to Nothing is Left?
Gavin Doyle: I think that’s true and it is true of Axial Symmetry. As a band and musicians we want to progress forward and push ourselves with each song/release that we do. For me it’s both musically and lyrically with each topic I sing about and how I sing it that I went to keep pushing forward and progress. I do the graphics for the band too and that is also something I try to keep progressing with each release.
I think United Corruption is the same as Nothing Is Left in a lyrical sense that I’m just asking questions to myself and trying to make sense of life and all the aspects about it and what everyone reads/hears is what’s going on in my head. This release is with a full line up and people that know the first EP will notice the new energy this time around. What I feel about the music is that we’ve developed our skills, took some new approaches and also took our time with the song writing compared to the first EP that will be interesting to listeners but still keeping to the catchy brutal groove we love to do.

RF: Musically speaking, what and who are your biggest influences?
GD: My biggest influences in music are Hypocrisy & Nevermore. Both bands are the inspirations that pushed me to write music and write about the things I do.

RF: If you had to pick between Hypocrisy and Nevermore, which would you rather tour with?
GD: Why not one big tour with all 3 bands? Haha. But to choose one I’d go for Hypocrisy for sure. Peter Tagtgren is my hero!

RF: If you were unable to listen to metal, what would your first pick of music be?
GD: Well I’ve grown up with all different kinds of music around me by family and it’s something I’m happy about. I don’t know what my first pick would be… maybe some old swing stuff like Frank Sinatra, he is one of my favorites!

RF: Didn’t peg you for a Sinatra fan, that’s awesome. What some your favorite songs of his?
GD: Something Stupid was my favorite as a child, great melody in it! Apart from that Strangers In The Night, The Best Is Yet To Come, It Was A Very Good Year, My Way, The Lady Is A Tramp, That’s Life are all up there with my favorite ones!

RF: How did you get started with Axial Symmetry?
GD: A.S started in September 2009 by myself & Matt. We would just hang out and play guitar together then started to have some ideas and riffs then actually put them together into a song which led to Red Alert being the first song we wrote. I had some help from my uncle to record it and put some programmed drums on it and both of us were so happy to hear something we wrote as an actual recording. After the excitement of that we just kept going on writing and putting more songs together and I learned how to program drums so we could play to them when we rehearsed in my home. We did this for a few years and only ever put out about 3 songs and kept a lot of it to ourselves. Then in 2012 we got a chance to be on Near FM’s mini label Near Records and their compilation CD Near Musical Express so we wrote 2 songs for that and my brother joined us on bass. We still had no drummer and Near Records were having launch nights for the label/CD so we had no choice but to go and use our programmed drums from a laptop in order to play but we were determined to get out and be a live band so we didn’t let that be a bother to us. We stuck to just the 3 of us and the laptop for backing tracks while we were getting out playing more and more gigs and right up to our first EP “Nothing Is Left” and thereafter. In 2014 my brother stood out of the band but he continues to contribute riffs. We then had Darragh (Horrenda) on live bass duties. I had met Diego and after a couple of months we arranged a rehearsal, we clicked very well together and felt it was some sort of new level within the band that inspired us to push ourselves that bit more. Up until this point we have played a lot of gigs both home and a couple of UK shows. We are always trying to reach new places and fans along the way. We’ve recently parted ways with Darragh on bass but we’re all still mates and happy to see his band Horrenda are on the rise in the scene! Our good mate Dave has joined us full time on bass and he fits in the band perfectly and we are happy that he joined in time to be on the upcoming EP “United Corruption” which we are getting ready to release in December.


RF: What is your favorite song that you’ve written? Why?
GD: Hmm… I honestly don’t know! Honestly, I’m proud of each one. However, there is a couple of songs and I don’t want to sound egotistic but Burning Paradise, A-21 & United Corruption were songs that gave me an overwhelming feeling that we wrote a song that has something very cool and very special to it.

RF: What would you say is the biggest inspiration or goal for yourself personally and for Axial Symmetry?
GD: For myself it’s just to be happy, learn and keep pushing myself musically and creatively with each project I work on. For A.S our goal is to keep on playing live trying to reach new fans, new places and new opportunities as we keep working hard on each new release that we do while making sure we have a good time doing it.

RF: I know from experience that rehearsals can get a little weird at times, what stories can you tell us about some of Axial Symmetry’s rehearsals?
GD: Aw, I’m not sure if there is anything interesting from any of our rehearsals Haha.

RF: What are your upcoming touring plans? Any possibility of a US tour or is that a pipe dream for me at this point?
GD: In December we will launch and promote the new EP with a nice little mini Irish tour in Galway, Cork & Dublin alongside some cool Irish bands. We’re itching to get back out and play live again! Those are the only shows we have booked until the end of this year. We are working on booking our shows for next year and hopefully play some Irish festivals and we will also look at some shows outside of the country in the UK and hopefully go to Europe for the first time. To tour the US is a dream we are all dying to do, it would be an amazing experience! Hopefully it will be more sooner than later we may have the possibility of going across the pond to play!

RF: Speaking of, you guys nearly made it to Wacken this year, will there be another attempt to go next year?
GD: If there is another Wacken Metal Battle going on in Dublin next summer then we will apply without a doubt and hopefully get chosen to compete once again. We had a lot of fun at this year’s competition and played alongside some great Irish bands and delighted to see Zhora take the win and play at Wacken.


Axial Symmetry is:

Gavin Doyle – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Diego Rodriguez – Drums
Matt O’Brian – Guitars, Clean Vocals
Dave O’Reilly – Bass

Like their Facebook – Here
YouTube – Here
Big Cartel – Here
SoundCloud – Here
Bandcamp – Here

United Corruption will be out soon!


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