The Messe des Morts Debacle

I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts about the whole Messe des Morts debacle and each time I start I get frustrated and angry and unable to write coherently. However, I still believe it’s important to say so fuck it. I might get angry writing this but at least it will be honest. First of all, you all should now my stance on politics in music: I don’t care. No matter how extreme or not extreme, I don’t care about it. I lean a certain way but that’s neither here nor there (to quote Bilbo “What business of yours what I do with my own things). Music is music, I listen to music, bands like Graveland, Aosoth, Mgla, etc. because I really enjoy the music. I don’t care about the political beliefs of the band or of the individual artists. I think it’s important that they have their beliefs but honestly I don’t care what they are. Music is not effected by politics, at least it isn’t in my mind.

Apparently though, there are those out there that simply can’t allow musicians to play their music. They are so against the politics and beliefs of a band that they have to physically disrupt them. Instead of not bothering, not giving the festival attention, listening to their own music, or even setting up a festival of their own, the “Antifa” decided to disrupt a festival, a big festival mind you. This was the first time, to my knowledge, that bands like Mgla, Graveland, and Aosoth had ever been to North America. Well done guys. Way to fuck up the first impression. The protests, as I understand it, got way out of hand and the festival itself was shut down because of it.

I’ve heard some say it’s the festival’s fault for inviting Graveland to play, all while knowing where Graveland has stood on things in the past (things have changed since the early days for Graveland but if you didn’t know that then I can’t really help you). It’s not the festival’s fault. Victim blaming is a bullshit maneuver across the board. It’s what a lot of progressives fight when it’s turned on them but they seem to have no trouble using the same weapon. Victim blaming is a berserker button for me, it pisses me off because the victim isn’t at fault. Messe des Morts is not to blame whatsoever for the vile acts perpetrated by a group of childish brats that can’t seem to get it through their head that not all music revolves around them.

In none of what I’m saying should you consider me a member of the “Anti-antifa” who are just as backwards and foolhardy as the “Antifa.” I support music for the sake of music, I don’t support any belief system other than my own, while I can sort of wrap my head around why the “Antifa” think the way they do, I can’t understand their pathetic need to disrupt the festival. If you don’t like the message of a band, don’t fucking listen to them! How goddamn difficult is it really? You can pop in some Yanni and go about your day knowing that you didn’t contribute to the evil right wing cause. Rob Draken himself said it best, respect for other people’s choices is fading.

Because of the absolute bollocks of these people, a lot of the bands were out serious money because they weren’t able sell a lot of their merchandise. So not only are the bands unable to play because of this bullshit, their livelihood could actually be at stake. What do I do? Well go to their pages (I’ll list all of them below) and buy something. Most of their Messe des Morts stuff might be gone but it will go a long way to show your support of the band and the music they play. That’s how we can start to beat this “Antifa” nonsense. We continue to support the bands and the music, we keep going to their shows, we keep buying the music, the shirts (I myself just bought a Carpathian Wolves Graveland shirt), the patches, whatever. The “Antifa” are a plague but the answer is not the “Anti-antifa” it’s doing the same things we’ve always done. Listen and support!

Ulcerate – New Zealand Technical Death Metal
Zhrine- Icelandic Black Metal
Phobocosm – Quebecois Death Metal
Auroch – Canadian Blackened Death Metal
Outre-Tombe – Quebecois Death Metal
Mgla – Polish Black Metal
Cult of Fire – Czech Epic Black Metal
Morrigan – Finnish Black Metal
Blaze of Perdition – Polish Black Metal
Monarque – Quebecois Black Metal
Moonreich – French Black Metal
Cendres Lépreux – Quebecois Black Metal
BlackScorn – Quebecois Black Metal
Graveland – Polish Epic Pagan Metal
Aosoth – French Black Metal
Forteresse – Quebecois Black Metal
Uada – US Melodic Black Metal
Sangus – US Black/Thrash
Ossuaire – Quebecois Black Metal

Not all the bands were affected by the protests, but stand in solidarity with all of them!


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