Europe’s Revival – Wehrwolf

Metal is about conviction. You can’t write music with power and emotion if you don’t feel that that is what you are supposed to do deep in your bones. The best music that I have ever heard has come from people that a dedicated to the music, crafting the sound like clay, cultivating it like roses. Where that conviction leads you and what you build out of that conviction is often deeply personal; black metal is the equivalent of painting a picture in your own blood. Wehrwolf, a mysterious band that seems to have nearly no online presence whatsoever, has that sort of conviction. Europe’s Revival just sort of appeared out of nowhere and it’s the culmination of lots of hard work.

The production is clean and clear, yet razor sharp. Each riff is heavy, like a sledgehammer out of the clear blue sky. And despite the devastating heaviness of the music there is still an emotional tenderness and a beauty to the composition. The guitars churn, the bass thrums, and the drums cascade all with the power of a maelstrom. In the same way that it’s amazing watching a thunderstorm despite how dangerous they can be, Wehrwolf’s music is amazing to listen to. There’s such a strength to the music, that conviction and dedication I was talking about earlier. It shines through. The only mark I would say the album has is the vocals. Despite the obvious dedication to the sound all around, the vocals come up just a little short. There’s lots of emotion in them but the power just isn’t there, not to the level of the music. It has more death metal influences that black metal that works for the most part though.

Europe’s Revival has a strange sort of noble sound, that’s the only thing I can say to describe the way it makes me feel. The music has this sort of transfixing power that carries me back through history, past the modern age and into the dark ages again. I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s hypnotic.

Wehrwolf is definitely not going to be for everyone. Despite its deep atmosphere and great production, there is something about the music that screams only for the strong. It’s not the nasty raw stuff that you would often think of as inaccessible but it does have an air of elite metal that puts a lot of listeners off. I was fine with it but I know it’s not going to be everyone’s mug of mead. Listen if you dare!


Listen and support!

Wehrwolf’s Bandcamp Page
Militant Zone’s Official Page


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