Dungeon Synth: A Reference Guide

A year ago, I had no idea that dungeon synth was even a thing, I was completely ignorant to the fact that there was an entire genre full of amazing music. Luckily I had a lot of reference guides that allowed me to explore the music of the dungeon, all the way from Burzum and Mortiis to Lord Lovidicus and Erang.

The Dungeon Synth Group on Facebook was, and still is, a huge asset for me. It’s a meeting place for those that love hearing the music and creating the music. Any questions you may have can be answered there as well as a wealth of recommendations. Check it out!

Another great resource for me, and also on Facebook, was the Dungeon Synth page. It’s regularly updated with all sorts of material, some from back in the “dark ages” so to speak to music that is being created this year. The admins of the page have great taste and it’s reflected in their recommendations. Check it out!

Dungeon synth may not have a source like Metal Archives, but there is a YouTube channel out there that brings in all sorts of dungeon synth from all over the world. It’s regularly updated with great material and has a massive backlog of material for the newbies and the pros to browse through. Check it out!

We even have our own Wiki page! It’s a great resource when perusing for artists and labels. Check it out!



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