Winter Dreams – Foglord

Winter is my absolute favorite season. It’s not even close. I love the snow, the ice, the cold. All of it. So when it comes to music I have a very picky palate. I have a very specific sound that I want to hear when I listen to any sort of music that references winter. From dungeon synth to dark ambient to black metal. I want to feel as though I’m in the middle of winter, despite whatever season I’m actually in. I want the sounds to inspire my imagination, to help me picture the winter and the snow and the ice. I hate holiday music because it simply exists to sell me something picturesque. I don’t want picturesque, I want real. I don’t want something staged, I want winter in all its honest glory. Winter Dreams, a compilation album from Foglord, details pretty much exactly the kind of winter music I want to hear.

Winter Dreams is a compilation album that pulls all the winter themed songs from various Foglord albums. Knowing what Foglord is capable of, I was excited to dive into this album. To call this album minimalistic would be an understatement. The music is quiet and subtle, I had to turn up the volume often to really hear it. Though I think when I did that I did the music a disservice because the subtlety plays into the winter theme.

Despite the fact that the songs all came from different albums, they all fit together. Most compilation albums are disjointed and uneven because the project’s sound usually changes over time. Foglord has been pretty consistent over the course of the project, the themes have been different over time but the sound and the power are solid.

There is a variety of themes even within this album; there’s snow, there’s ice, there’s winter itself, the cold, and each of them are given the spotlight here. The landscape is pristine, quiet, and in typical Foglord fashion, supremely ethereal. Foglord is able capture the spirit of winter, not just the feeling. Such images are painted with this music; it’s quiet and free of human or animal intervention, there is nothing of trees, snow, and the stars. The color palette is stark yet brilliant, dark blue and green against pure white. The music of Foglord is the music of the winds and the waters that flow from frozen banks. The starry music is almost hypnotic, entrancing the listener with these visions of winter and snow. The listener can feel the bite of the cold.

Really the music has to be heard here to be understood, the ethereal, mystical power of the music is hard to put into words here. Foglord has a power with music, to entrance and to enrapture. The music is beguiling, it seems so soft and subtle but there is an indescribable power within the melodies and themes. Winter Dreams is a pristine sapphire in the snow, it’s a jewel in the crown of Foglord. Treat yourself and keep winter.


Listen and support the music!

Foglord’s Facebook Page
Winter Dreams on Bandcamp


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