Panzer Division Marduk

I’m not happy about having to write this. Once again, the Antifa (short for anti-fascist in a massive stroke of irony) have struck again. Instead of violently disrupting a festival in Quebec, these jackbooted thugs have moved to disrupting shows in the US, in Oakland not far from the recent Berkley riots over Milo Yiannopoulos. This time they shoot down a Marduk show. Yes, a Marduk show. Not a neo-Nazi music festival or glorification of white supremacy but a Marduk concert. And strangely enough it was not just the terrorist group Antifa involved in this, for some strange reason I can’t comprehend, Black Lives Matter also joined in the efforts to quell free speech and threaten violence on those who do not agree with their point of view.

Marduk, march 2012
Left to right: Devo, Mortuus, Lars, Morgan

The Antifa declared, erroneously of course, that Marduk is a neo-Nazi band because of their World War Two subject matter and that the anti-Christian lyrics are only a cover for anti-Semitism. When I heard this I had to stop myself from laughing. Marduk a neo-Nazi band because they sing about WWII? Hollywood is obsessed with WWII yet no one decries Hollywood as neo-Nazi. No one threatens to shut down film studios when a film is being shot. Is it because Marduk doesn’t take the “Nazism was pure evil and must be stopped at all costs” approach? Is it because they look at events that occurred and use them in a purely objective fashion and the Antifa doesn’t like that? Let me make this clear. Marduk is not a NS black metal band. Neither was Graveland in the debacle in Quebec. There is nothing inherently wrong with NS black metal. They have the right to free speech the same way any other band does. If you don’t like it, you have the right to leave it alone, or to protest it. You don’t, and never will, have the right to censure something because you disagree with it. No matter how vile or evil or wrong you deem something you have no right to tell someone they can’t say it or enact violence on them. Stupidity is no excuse for this, ignorance is no excuse. If you can’t even get the information about a band correct then you have no business involving yourself in a counter move against them. And why the fuck is BLM involved? What does Marduk have to do with black people and the police? Is this just an example of two pseudo terrorist groups banding together for a common goal?


Black metal is no place for feelings, something that has been abundantly clear to anyone who actually listens and understands what black metal is meant to be. It’s never been a “correct” and “tolerant” form of music and no amount of violence or threats or crying is going to change that. Black metal is about freedom and selfishness, it’s about darkness and anger. If the Antifa cowards think that they can stop that then they will run into something they are not ready to face. Black metal has never had a clear and present enemy before (the church and polite society are too nebulous to be true combatants) but if the Antifa want a fight, black metal and the entire culture of black metal will be happy to oblige them.


Even as I’m writing this I’m learning of more Antifa threats all over the world just this week from my friends over at Blackdeath, a Russian black metal band, was forced to cancel a show in the Netherlands because of threats. Kzohh, a band I had previously never heard of, was forced to cancel several shows in France because of the Antifa threat. Neither of these bands are particularly “dangerous,” at least not any more dangerous than all the books that get banned or burned. They offer different ideas, different opinions, and a different look at the world around us. I had never heard of Kzohh before and because of the Antifa, now I have (and I’ll say I’m a fan now) and Antifa’s plan backfired. Peste Noire was blocked from being able to perform at Blastfest (an event that has since been cancelled due to low ticket sales) and Horna pulled out as a show of solidarity.


Support the bands that get harassed and threatened. Stand as one against this threat. Black metal will never be accepted or become part of the mainstream and that’s perfectly fine but we will respond to threats against our culture (and a culture it is). Do not back down from these terrorists. Do not give in. Go to the shows, buy the merch, support the bands, protect each other. As they said at, this isn’t “just about the music anymore” this is about freedom of speech, free will, and intellectual integrity. Fight misinformation and lies with truth. Do not let our voices be censored because someone else doesn’t like what we have to say, no matter what it is we are saying. I never thought I’d say I agree with Milo Yiannopoulos but the truth is hard to ignore, free speech is under assault from the left, from the “mind police” who brand things “hate speech” in an attempt to shut them down. Don’t let them. Fight.

There is a petition floating around the internet right now, one that I’ve signed, asking that the Antifa get labeled for what they truly are: a terrorist organization. Sign it and help shut the Antifa fascists down. Fight for our music, fight for our opinion, fight for our culture.

Many thanks to for their piece here
The petition can be found here


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