Resounding Echoes – Visions of Ulnahar

Have you ever had a prophetic dream? Dreams that make you feel like the fabric of reality and the subconscious are ripping apart? Have you ever felt something calling to you from beyond your understanding, a calling from being the void and reality? Give Visions of Ulnahar, a new project but ancient idea from the occult ritual mind of the man behind Gorthaur.

Resounding Footsteps: What would you say is the main source of inspiration is for Visions of Ulnahar?
Visions of Ulnahar: First of all, I’d like to thank you for giving me the chance to present Visions of Ulnahar (VoU) to the world outside. It is the very first official interview I gave after evolving/starting my secret project.
The main source of VoU is a very, let’s say the magical, darker and unexplored world of humans but also the very inner feelings of men itself. It has a magical and occult background. I once came across a female artist who did alien channeling. She told me that my star sign is that of a draconian. I discovered that there is more than the world we live in. There are energies around us, which can be useful to us.
VoU tries to focus on that certain energies and transforms them into music.
Doing such a project with a specific meaning induces the musician to create a certain image and or presentation. That is why i wear those masks and robes. You won’t see me without the mask while presenting VoU. The individual has no meaning. So it is more than Lovecraftian, it is a ritual occult concept based on magic, mysticism and the occult.
On the other hand, VoU is strongly inspired by Shibalba (project of Acherontas) Their music and their aims are very fascinating.

RF: What got you started with dungeon synth?
VoU: About 10 years ago, I discovered Lord Lovidicus and Erang. They were my entrance to the world of dungeon synth. I knew Mortiis, maybe he was even earlier. I do not recall right know but these three artists introduced me to dungeon synth. Later I discovered more and more artist from that genre and learned that there is a very strong community which produces masses of great music. It´s amazing. I´m happy and honored that I found them.

RF: Which came first Visions of Ulnahar or Gorthaur?
VoU: Gorthaur was founded 2003 and VoU 2016. So Gorthaur is really an adult, while VoU is a child.

RF: What do you think Visions of Ulnahar’s purpose is? How do you see it as unique? What does it have to offer the dungeon synth world?
VoU: VoU’s main purpose is to work with cosmic energies. It creates dark haunting soundscapes which lures the listeners into Darkness. This leads to awareness of the Void and beyond. There is so much darkness around, and VoU is the guardian and pathfinder. Meditation and focusing on yourself. I do not think that my music or my project is that unique. Maybe ask me this question next year. I´m still evolving this project to find the suitable sound. I want to give the DS – World maybe an even darker version of Mortiis or Old Tower. That’s my aim for this year.

RF: Every Visions release has a very Lovecraftian feel to it, how much would you say he and authors like Chambers, Howards, and Derleth influence the atmosphere that you build in the music?
VoU: None of them have really influenced me. Maybe Howard with his Serpent  people and the realm of Valusia.

RF: What would you say the goal is for your music, both Visions and Gorthaur?
VoU: It would be easy to say that I created those project just for the music. That’s not the main goal. Maybe Gorthaur has his main focus on creating good Black/Doom metal for the listeners.
But VoU has a main aim: To work with the cosmic energies to see what is behind the curtain to find your inner self.


RF: How does your music writing differ for both projects? How is it the same?
VoU: For Gorthaur I work with lyrics and after that we create suitable music for that. Sometimes it the other way round. We do music, create songs and after that I do the lyrics that fit into this music.
VoU is more like improvising. I shut down the light, use candles, joss sticks and start creating music. But i need certain energies. If they do not approach me, I stop recording or playing.

RF: What do you want your listeners to experience with your music?
VoU: I want them to explore their inner selves. I want them to see what is out there in the void, in the darkness. Maybe I just want to give them the music and let them explore their feelings by their own. Some may, some not.

RF: Give me a little taste of what the world of Visions of Ulnahar is like? Is the music representative of a place or a state of mind?
VoU: It’s a state of mind. It is a focusing on the inner self of men and women, it is meditation and something like getting drowned in the vibes. The name Visions of Ulnahar is coming from a dream I had while suffering from migraine. There was pain and I felt dizzy and it felt like suffering from fever I heard this name in my head. And well, that’s how Ulnahar came to me.

RF:  What is your favorite instrument to use? Why?
VoU: I mainly use the keyboard like the old masters. I do not think that guitars will fit into the music of VoU. As I do not have any other instruments (until I buy some) I use the keyboard, soundstation, to do my music.

RF: Do you projects influence each other or do they remain mostly separate?
VoU: Maybe I create some keyboard based passages for Gorthaur but the main aim is to separate them

RF: What has been the best moment for Visions of Ulnahar been for you thus far? What do you see happening with the project in the future?
VoU: The best moments, and this comes from the deeps of my heart was giving an interview, being mentioned by Terra Relicta and because of future…let’s see what happens.

Visions of Ulnahar releases avaliable here


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