Music for Primitive – Gopota

Death Industrial occupies a places between hyper reality and surreality. It is the mirror in which we look to see the things we do not want to see. Death industrial is really no different from other forms of music in its purpose to entertain but the point of death industrial is also to enlighten. Music for Primitive, the November release from the Italian group Gopota really highlights what I mean here.

The album starts with a short intro then dives headlong into 11 minute plus tracks with sounds layered like a cake. Each layer is a cacophonous mess that sounds like nothing but disconcordant foolishness to the untrained here. I am no expert in death industrial yet, indeed I may never reach a level of mastery of the genre like my friends over a Terra Relicta, but I can pick out the themes and meanings behind this miasmic soup.

Each song is a glimpse into the sad, mindless dull life of the protagonist we follow. The dullness of the protagonist is not the fault of the artists on the album, rather it is the determined product. Death industrial does no go after extraordinary events or people. There’s something dramatic and existential about the ordinary, in the mundane shit that we wade through each day. In four songs, we get four different events, four different faces of the same character. Which is the real face? Who is the real person behind all the different masks? Is it the faithful worshipper? The worker? The banality of the characters and events that take place within the album are, as the song title says “Meaningless.” So what is the point of the album?

We are all phantasmagorias shuffling thorugh life without so much as a look up from the sidewalk. Each song is a different mask we wear to hide the fact that there is nothing behind it. The character is us, the character is empty, hollow, there’s nothing there. That’s what the album is saying. It’s a hard. Bitter truth to acknowledge.

The sounds on the album are good. They aren’t clear but they aren’t so muddled that you can’t distinguish between the sounds. Beneath all of the different sounds on the different songs (each song as a very separate set of sounds that make it distinct) is a drone, a heavy guitar driven drone that has a creepy vocal accompaniment. This drone is what sets the album apart from the rest of the death industrial that I’ve heard. It’s not the SunnO))) or Apocryphos kind of drone, it’s dirty, nasty, and fast. It’s not like fog through molasses, it’s a grimy and slimy. It’s the kind of album that takes a special listener (though that could be said about any death industrial album).

Death industrial is something I’m still learning but with each album I am becoming more and more wise regarding this nasty, harsh form of music. Death industrial is not easy to listen to, it’s a form of music I can honestly say isn’t for everyone but if you are interested in death industrial, this is an album for you.


Listen and support the music!

Empty Chalice’s Facebook Page
Music for Primitive on Bandcamp


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