Dungeon Synth Compendium – Week 1

Here at Resounding Footsteps, we relish the feeling of new music and the experience. However, the workload can prevent us giving some sort of insight into new music when it’s hot. We’ve decided to start up a periodical section on Dungeon Synth, taking a handful of tracks from the last few weeks of the month and giving a short comment on what we thought. Without further ado, here are my picks for Week 1 of our Dungeon Synth Compendium…
Digre – ‘The Way of the Pilgrim’
Digre is a Swedish medieval dungeon synth project that takes inspiration from chiptune and medieval christian history. According to the artist, the piece is based off a Russian book discovered in the 1800’s, about a pilgrim who travels to Jerusalem and visits inns and monasteries on his way. The music is raw and dry, simple synths are used. Expect GBA-tier soundtrack feels. I do like this release as it’s got a fresh apporach to dungeon synth, both sound and theme. Worth checking out!

Mausolei – ‘Anonymitat’
This release certainly keeps giving since I’ve discovered it. Certainly melodic and dark with 80’s styled synths and layers of reverbed pads, this release sounds as if it was rerecorded from a cassette tape, taking natural hisses and distortions with it. It’s got plenty of songs, all of which short in length, catchy melodies and an atmosphere worth entering. Dare to step foot into Mausolei’s imagination.

Hell Mask – ‘Pestis Cruento’

Hell Mask delivers a lo-fi and highly melodic release here, almost as if an 80’s synth composer lived in a fantasy pagan setting. I certainly enjoyed the tension built by Hell Mask here. Nothing was too drawn out either, 10 tracks seems like a lot however the majority of these were 2 minutes long. Need a brief taste of lo-fi fantasy? Look no further.

Celebdil – ‘The Tower’
Spainish one man dungeon synth project Celebdil takes on Tolkien settings with a certain lo-fi sound and minimal aesthetic. Nice synth sounds used here, and percussion used a lot. Very optimistic sounding as oppose to evil ambient. Melancholic and peaceful, this release would sound nice coming from a cassette player, luckily physicals are available.

Einhorn – ‘The Tyrant’s Tower’
This one is an eye opener. Taking elements of dungeon synth but combining with harsh noise and dark ambience, this release has the harsh static sounds you’d hear on the low end frequencies of a Merzbow record with broken synth melodies of dungeon synth artists. Three long songs that build an atmosphere much like a ritual under chaotic divine intervention. I love it.

Sanctuaire – ‘Echo 2 – Les Esprits sont étoiles, aux cimes de la Victoire’
Last but not least, Québec based ambient project with dungeon synth influence, Sanctuaire delivers a fantastically crafted release, while not boring or harsh in anyway, this is extremely re-listenable and gives me a feeling of purgatory, as if I was just sacrificed and am in the middle of dying and entering the otherworld. Reccomended to the highest extent.

And that concludes this Week’s Dungeon Synth Compendium. Support the artists and purchase their music if you enjoy it!

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