Our fortnightly digest into the world of the dungeon synth artist contunues! Below are the standout finds within the dungeon synth corner of bandcamp of the last two weeks. Perhaps you may stumble across something feel will help you get through the week.

Nahadoth & Raev Jager – “Unendliche”
From experience with his previous releases, Nahadoth usually brings a lo-fi ambient feel to his dungeon synth, Raev Jager on the otherhand takes the melodic and slightly polished apporach. Their recent split release takes the best of both worlds with a concept on the nostalgic Neverending Story. This melancholic neo-classical split will have you humming the melodies after your first listen.

Nazgal Dracul – “The Bane of Balak Gaahl”
Noweigan Nazgal Dracul recently put out a few releases on his bandcamp and I happened to come across this. Attached to it, a long piece explaining the lore to a world that the artist has spawned. Musically, it’s dark yet melodic and he is not afraid to experiment with drum sounds rather than orchestral percussive samples.

Celebdil – “The Tower”
With three tracks and some drawn out atmosphere that suits its artwork, “The Tower” gets the feelings of what I would say a watch tower guard would experience as he waits for attack. Spanish musician Celebdil gets this across beautifully and shows potential for the future. His newest work can be found on his bandcamp page.

Roman Master – “Roman Master”
Moonworshipper Records artist Roman Master releases his self-titled 6 track with as much in your face as his last. This release has a very eye opening presentation between it’s artwork, song titles and dryness to it’s sound, keeping traditonal methods of dungeon synth production alive.

Deathbard – “From a Deeper Grave”
From what Deathbard calls his best album to date, “From a Deeper Grave” is packed with 17 tracks and a certain horror feeling in a fantasy or historical setting. It is symphonic and is like a soundtrack to a RPG that has elements of horror and mystery. Catchy and submersive.

Vaelastrasz – “Rise of the Void Lords”
Lastly, a three track release that spans 43 minutes, “Rise of the Void Lords” sounds exactly how it presents itself. Taking drone and heavy ambient influence, this is a release you would play if you wanted to fall asleep and dream of a dark void where you are subjected to all powerful beings without mercy.

This concludes this weeks Dungeon Synth Compendium. Be gone!


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