The third installment of our Dungeon Synth Compendium is here. Some big names are included in this fortnights collection, leaving us with some high hopes for releases to come.

Celastael – “The Sad Dragon”
A new project haling from Spain that grabbed my attention in the DS Facebook group. Not everyone’s cup of tea, however the minimal artwork that represents the sound so well is what grabbed me and makes for an interesting release. With that, I should hope that Celastael’s next release makes another unique impression on it’s listener, as this debut gives us a reason to look forward to it.

Bowels of Eternity – “Arcane Sacrifice”
Another debut release. This one fuses dark old school strings and melodies to broken noise sounds, fusing both the now and then. “Arcane Sacrifice” is not drawn out nor overstays it’s welcome, and yet despite it’s short runtime gives the listener an uneasy feeling. Most definitely a project to watch if you enjoy ritual like dungeon synth.

Jupiter Column – “The Decline of Heroism”
Another debut release, although a much more neo-classical vibe about this one. Medieval and Roman imagery with melodies of sorrow and heroic triumph fill this track that gives us an exciting preview to the upcoming album. K.V. as the artist credits themself as, describes the project as “laments and fanfares for greater, bygone days”, and mos definitely shows passion for the genre and history he attatches to it.

Рабор – “За Тридевять Земель”
This one has certainly taken the scene by storm. It’s certainly lighter listening, and depicts Russian/Eastern European Summer-like tales, perhaps folk tales (I would lying if I said I could read the Russian titles). Although this is a perfect example that the barrier of language does not exist in music, and everyone in the scene has given this project credit, as it shows originality in both aesthetic and sound, while also concentrating on the importance of melody in the genre.

Chevalier – “Chateau”
Debut Belgian 8-bit sounding dungeon synth project features minimal synths and a dry production as he makes use of sine waves and such. 6 short songs with melody that you would expect to hear in a GBA RPG set in fantastical Mainland Europe. The artwork is also beautiful.

Chaucerian Myth – “Leicester” (from “The Book of Margery Kempe”)
Last but certainly not least, Chaucerian Myth’s “Leicester” is a track on his upcoming album “The Book of Margery Kempe”. CM retains his ability to create a great atmopshere with bizaare synths and a dry production, combined with his love for Old English literature and knowlege of musical theory. It is always refreshing to hear artists use different techniques with regards to the actual music as opposed to creting a melody loop and layering the same notes with different instruments. We already know that this album will be getting a lengthy review when it comes out on Hollow Myths in the coming weeks.


(Bonus/Hidden/Shameless self promo track) Argonath – “Kilcrea Keep (demo)”
Yeah, I know. And I apologise. I recently released my first piece of DS music on my bandcamp leading up to my full length album that’s coming soon. Somebody please love me.

Fin. See you in two weeks.


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