Les Grand Fleurs du Mal – Week #1

A compendium just didn’t seem to fit the kind of music I was finding in the dark ambient world, a better phrase was the Great Flowers of Evil. Thusly, a new weekly segment was reborn with a sharper focus and dedication. Prepare yourselves mortals, here be dragons.

Shadoworld – Shadoworld (The White Room)
Mix dark ambient and neo classical music with western themes and what will you get? Shadoworld, the collaboration Italian Duo Old Boy and Roberto Del Vecchio. The two combine their respective genres to create a darkly beautiful and emotive piece that harkens back to the days of discovery in the west, when odes were sung to the sun for guidance and strength and the nature of man was constantly in question. It’s rare that I found a dark ambient album with vocals that are any good but Shadoworld uses them perfectly. With lots of Gothic and Blues overtones, the music feels organic and rustic, as if it were made for the West. Shadoworld calls upon the mythical American West to create beautifully dark tale.

Walpurgis – Ruairi O’Baoighill (Cursed Monk Records)

Prepare to take part in the darkest rituals Ireland can call forth with Ruairi O’Baoighill’s newest album Walpurgis. It’s an intense ride through some of the more terrifying aspects of Irish folklore. I would highly recommend this masterpiece to anyone that enjoys horror, especially the music of that genre. This will be a treat for the ears and the mind’s eye. Ruairi has extracted the ritual magick of Walpurgis and given it his own spin, emotions and power. Do no sleep on this album!

AVA – KeOSz (Cryo Chamber)
You know you were going to get something good with KeOSz and Cryo Chamber, both names are synonymous with excellence and top notch sound. This newest album, AVA, is no different. It’s a tour de force, a brilliant, misanthropic look at a new world. This is lowercase drone at its best. The sound is ethereal and awe inspiring, one cannot help but feel sweep away in the utter brilliance of it. AVA will make you weep at its beauty. KeOSz is an artist who uses guitars and drones rather than a paintbrush. I give you no hyperbole when I say this album is a true work of art and must be had by anyone who thinks of themselves as connoisseurs.

Eiva Ada –Ritual invocation to Nibiru (Independent)
$13 for a digital copy might seem steep to the newcomer when they look at Eiva Ada’s newest creation, but within a minute, they will know they are getting the deal of a lifetime. Eiva Ada is simply one of the best artists in the cinematic drone world. A reputation has been built and with each new release that reputation for excellence, horror, and dark emotional soundscapes grows. Ritual invocations to Nibiru will sound familiar and yet strange to fans of Eiva Ada as the album transcends mere ritual ambient and blends it with mythological and astrological themes to recount an old story with new meanings.  The wells of time shall be opened and a new aeon shall dawn as the rituals are completed. Knowledge beyond human understand lies within.

April Larson – Up Below (Polar Seas)
Wow. That’s the best word I can think of to describe April Larson, an established name in the scene but a very new one for me. Up Below is her latest work and I was not prepared for what I was about to listen to. The sounds are deep and resonating, I could feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck. Music that can put me on edge like that is a rare treat, one I encourage every single one of you to indulge in. The music of Up Below is introspective and beautiful, revealing all that is hidden within the earth and within the listener. I cannot help but think this is soundtrack to the descent into the abyss. April Larson, you have a new, lifelong fan.


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